My clients have experienced incredible transformations. Check out their awesome reviews below.

Linsie Pritchard

Lisa Manzo is rocking it with my husband’s clearings! I am so so grateful for this family!

There are so many things as a wife that makes sense now. I’ve discovered new energy of compassion where there was betterness because of this awareness. There’s a bit of emotion coming up also so Tiff recommends I clear my husband regularly while he does his work. (In case any of you encounter a similar couples case)

Kirt Pritchard

Thank you Lisa for your work with me. I can say with self-experience that the program and her ability has truly helped me deal with some past trauma from different stages of my life that left me with many internal limiting beliefs. Lisa has worked wonders

Nicolas Roman Srut

Lisa does such wonderful work! Help me recently and changed my life!

Gretchen Meyer

Lisa has been amazing to work with. She has opened my mind and encouraged me in my manifesting. It all started with a session with Lisa which allowed me to clear my Ex. It was a completely freeing experience. I am much more positive and productive as a result.
Thank you Lisa!